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NCAA Game 3 - Purdue vs. Kansas 3/23/17
Mar 23 2017 8:03 pm by Vega

Cheap Bourbon X
Home Made Pizza with Green Peppers, Mushroom, Salami, Goat Cheese and Tomato X
Basically Home Court X
Let's roll bitches


Kansas 4:15 CST Sunday
Mar 17 2017 11:24 pm by Vega



Kansas crushes UC Davis to move onto Round of 32
Mar 17 2017 7:54 pm by Vega

And Tyler Self hit a fucking 3. You may all devolve into animals. Thank you Tyler.


NCAA Game 1 - UC-Davis vs. Kansas 3/17/17
Mar 17 2017 5:24 pm by Vega

Irish Coffee this Morning X
Guinness this Afternoon X
Jameson this Evening X
Cornbeef  and Cabbage X
UC-Davis' ass

Only one thing missing. Let's roll bitches


Kansas vs TCU - Big 12 Tourney Round 1 - 3/9/17 Gamethread
Mar 09 2017 2:46 pm by Vega

Post seasons starts today


Basketball Talk

NBA Playoffs
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Who leaves early?
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Pat Forde is obsessed with KU:
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Football Talk

2018 NFL Draft - 4/26/18
Last Post - Today 11:54 am by CrimsonNBlue

The Sad State of KU Football
Last Post - Today 11:18 am by jfish26

2018 NFL off season-ish
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2018 KU Football
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Check this beast out
Last Post - Apr 12 2018 2:50 pm by Schmuck

Off Topic

cops killing people of color
Last Post - Today 11:47 am by DCHawk1

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The Birds
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The Marijuana Thread
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From Around The Web

Lawrence Journal World

Self, Zenger react to college basketball recomendations with wait-and-see approach
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self and athletic director Sheahon Zenger offered little in the way of specific reactions to the recommendations into fixing college basketball dished out early Wednesday morning by The Commission on College Basketball. By Matt Tait

Tom Keegan: Commission on College Basketball report includes toothless threats designed to end one-and-done rule
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Even if you’re in the camp that believes that the one-and-done college basketball system is at the root of all corruption, don’t applaud the Commission on College Basketball (CCB) for doing anything to accelerate its demise. By Tom Keegan

David Beaty: KU football 'at least 3, maybe more' years from fielding roster with 85 'true' scholarship players
Wednesday April 25, 2018

David Beaty didn’t have to discuss his program’s current scholarship numbers, but the Kansas head coach had his talking points ready to fire while fielding questions during the Big 12’s spring football media teleconference this week. Asked what he thought about his team’s quarterback play during off-season practices, Beaty first said reasons for optimism at many positions exist, because the Jayhawks have a “healthy, mature, developed roster,” before getting to his pitch. By Benton Smith

Town Talk: A look at 7 scathing comments about college basketball and a report that could change Lawrence's most visible industry
Wednesday April 25, 2018

The most visible industry in Lawrence just got a shot over its bow today. The report to the NCAA on college basketball is scathing in many regards.

College basketball panel calls on NCAA to ban cheats, end one-and-done
Wednesday April 25, 2018

The Commission on College Basketball sharply directed the NCAA to take control of the sport, calling for sweeping reforms to separate pro and college tracks, permit players to return to school after going undrafted by the NBA and ban cheating coaches for life.

Kansas City Star

KU's Self, Zenger issue statements in response to basketball commission's report
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self and athletic director Sheahon Zenger issued statements in response to the Independent Commission on College Basketball’s rec

Could the college basketball commission's findings affect KU? That's tough to know
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Stating “the rewards for violating the rules far outweigh the risks,” former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s independent commission on college baske

The NCAA got what it wanted, which means continuing to ignore its part of the problem
Wednesday April 25, 2018

The tendency is to say the report accomplishes nothing, but that is not fair or accurate about the so-called Commission on College Basketball's recommendations

College basketball commission report: End one-and-done, more enforcement, penalties
Wednesday April 25, 2018

With two of college basketball’s model student-athletes, David Robinson and Grant Hill, sitting closest to her, Condoleezza Rice laid out a future of the spor

KU offers scholarship to Bryce Thompson, son of one of Self's Tulsa players
Tuesday April 24, 2018

Bryce Thompson, a 6-foot-3 sophomore combo guard from Tulsa (Okla.) Washington High School, whose dad, Rod Thompson, played for Kansas coach Bill Self for one s


Condoleezza Rice Commission proposes drastic changes to NCAA basketball
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Kansas Athletics say it appreciates the work of the commission, but did not comment on specific changes, like those intended to eliminate one-and-done players.

Wolf: Playoffs serve as transition to next generation of NBA icons
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Columnist Jordan Wolf explains how the NBA playoffs help fans say goodbye to one generation of players while welcoming in another generation.

Passion for the outdoors propels Anna Cohen to KU Club Sport's Female Athlete of the Year
Wednesday April 25, 2018

The KU Rock Climbing Club member recently received the KU Club Sport's Female Athlete of the Year award.

Kansas baseball falters once again to give Wichita State 14-5 win
Tuesday April 24, 2018

The struggling Jayhawks kept the game even for the first few innings on Wednesday night, but their defensive errors ultimately handed the Shockers another decis

Kansas rowing sees success at George Mason Invite
Tuesday April 24, 2018

Two of the Jayhawks' boats earned first place at the tournament in Virginia this weekend.