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The correct 4 teams made it in. Problem is, it shouldn't be only 4.


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8 needs to be the number.
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I was in the boat of 4 should be enough but yea, when you have an undefeated team not even have a chance, something is wrong.
8 would be enough and you could give the top 2 teams byes.
You'd have arguing over who those 2 teams would be and a bottom 6 of the 8 team would have to win 3 games to be a champion, but it should always eliminate the non champion perfect season.


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Sorry to change the subject but......
Past 4 years been in LA and going to the Rose Bowl. Past 2 years weather in LA area pretty much sucked. If not rain, cold. Last year 48 degrees and rain when I arrived in Pasadena on game day and 2 years ago it was 42 degrees when I arrived in Pasadena.
This year, dates I would have been there, upper 60s up to the lower 80s during the day - and sunny EVERY day.
So..... Yesterday I was in 5 degree Bumble Fuck Illinois and had a SHITTY day. I didn't see/watch the Rose Bowl on TV.
I came back from dinner and saw the score and that the game went in to OT.
Must have said to myself 20 times in a row - Of course I wasn't there.

Back to Bowl games, who should and shouldn't be in the playoff/s, etc.
There will never be a perfect system and yet people will come up with what they feel are better options - and often I will feel they are right.
I'm sorry, I have to say I believe a team shouldn't be rewarded for going undefeated if they caliber of teams they played was inferior to a team that went 12-1 or 11-1 and beat top 10 teams in the process. That being said, of course if I was a UCF fan I would feel they got screwed. I'm not so I don't.
In terms of more playoff teams/games, ask guys like Anfernee Jennings, Hootie Jones, Charlie Woerner (who else?) how they feel about possibly (probably?) missing the BCS Championship game because they were injured in a BCS Playoff game.

"Dirty Feathers" - tcat 2/7/17


Re: College Bowls 2017-18

"Dirty Feathers" - tcat 2/7/17


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Prez at the game, and Kendrick Lamar doing halftime show. I’m intrigued.


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Last time I saw Kendrick Lamar was 2013.









"Dirty Feathers" - tcat 2/7/17


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Wtf, who hacked gutter’s account?

Those photos are way too in focus to be his own work.


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Clemson slides out of the CFP ?

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"Dirty Feathers" - tcat 2/7/17


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