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DCHawk1 wrote:

I met Andre the Giant once.

70s big?


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Anyone ever had a pair of red wing boots?


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Are you baiting me?

I believe, but I'm also an "independent thinker."  Quite a conundrum.


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Only in a random sense.

I know we’ve talked shoes in this thread but genuinely wanted opinions.

They look like they’d be super comfy once broken in but also swampy AF.


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Depends on the boots.

I think I've posted a pair of blue suede RW chukkas of mine -- in this thread.

Very comfy.

Same with postman oxfords.

Beckman boots...not so much.

All are goodyear welted and leather lined, so they're won't get swampy from inside or outside.  Put some shoe trees in 'em and they'll last forever.

Now's the time of year to buy them too.

I believe, but I'm also an "independent thinker."  Quite a conundrum.


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Why now? Spring sales or something?

How would they do as a hiking boot?


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Yeah.  A lot of places will be clearing out winter stock.

As far as hiking, which boots are you thinking about.  Postman oxfords or chukkas were originally made for postmen (shocking, I know) walking their routes; they're comfortable, but no really a hiking sole.

I believe, but I'm also an "independent thinker."  Quite a conundrum.


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Not sure which boots just yet. Ones that would be comfy to hike in/wear every day/not get swampy.


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Speaking of boots.....
Did I mention I unexpectedly saw the ex Friday night? Had a great convo and gave each other proper respectful closure.
Meanwhile, this weekend sucked and she turned Sybil on me. I know - best to lose contact for a while. That's what's going to happen now.

On another note. The old ex was super affectionate texting last night. Of course I fucked up with a response by telling her I would like to get together with her. Think it might have scared her away. Can you blame her?

At least I had two other women reach out to me today with very kind words. Neither of which are dating possibilities.

The love life of Schmuck is a piece of crap at the moment.

Sorry for the interruption.
Back to boots.

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I've missed my weekend dose of angst. Thanks.

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave at the close of day."
Dylan Thomas


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Puma used to make some blue suede tennies. I blew through a pair every summer.

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love my Vasques, but they aren’t really an “everyday” boot...more for the most rugged of hikes

my lighter pair are Merrell’s, low tops...quite comfortable and cheaper than the Vasques

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ousdahl wrote:

Not sure which boots just yet. Ones that would be comfy to hike in/wear every day/not get swampy.

Leather lined plus shoe trees.

No swamp.

But they'll be a little heavier.

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I believe, but I'm also an "independent thinker."  Quite a conundrum.


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Salmonella outbreak!

200 million eggs recalled!


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Ohh have we discussed those dudes?

That might deserve its own thread


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Used to go to this church where the minister once read a passage from some theological type who said that you should always ask both a woman and a man who were a couple when they met/decided on each other. The answer would always be that the women knew long before the men that they were interested in this relationship.

If she texted you, then she wants something with you, if just a close friendship. Don't obsess that you did anything wrong...she's making some kind of decision about you, and eventually you'll find out what that is.

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Have you ever been to the titty bars with beaverfever and the stripper was even drunker than you? Like so hammered that you feel like you should get her some burrito king?

Asking for a friend.


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Stripper who was hotter than all hell at what was known as the Crazy Horse in Chicago. She would get shit faced drunk AND take GHB on purpose.

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Ohh crazy whores I mean horse.

The most impressive I ever seent was a chick named Cricket. She was a trained gymnast, and they set up all these monkey bars and shit, and she would flip and swing all over the stage. Gold medal performance.


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There was a lady at the Dirty Bird who’d jump into the air, land doing splits, and pick a dollar up with her vajayjay.


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The dirty bird lol.

My buddy lived in sunflower house and ended up meeting/being house mates/dating this chick who worked there. She was like 19, gauged ears, pierced everything, inked all over. “$hake your moneymaker” down her side. Would just hang out in various states of, uh, work attire, if any attire at all. She had a giant pet python she would incorporate in her shows, and, apparently, in their lovemaking. In hindsight she was actually pretty rad but my idiot friend dumped her cuz she wasn’t “$ensible” enough, and married some boring ass math teacher chick and they moved to the burbs and started blasting out kids like a couple of loosers.

Anywho, what was this thread about? Oh yeah! Did you know the Ancient Greek olympians all competed in the nude and that makes you wonder if they had ancient gymnastics?

Cuz if so then it would be so rad if we invent a time machine and went back and signed up Cricket.

So rad!


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Headline this morning:

Woman Pilot Miraculously Manages to Kill Only One Passenger.

"...in my opinion, the most prestigious chair in all of college basketball." -Bill Self


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so in the word “scent,” is it the S that is silent, or the C?


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Curly Joe is the lamest of all the three stooges.

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