Spring "showcase"

I cannot wait for beaty, bowen, and zenger to get fired.  From what I saw on tv, there was maybe 300 people at the practice.  And the weather was perfect today.  Nebraska had over 80,000 for its game.  I doubt we even have 80,000 for the whole season. 

Any guesses on what record we'll break this season?


Re: Spring "showcase"

They showed that shit on TV?

Most losses by a Division 1 school?  Largest margin of defeat?  Shittiest fb coach of all time?

When that MF Beaty says it may take 4 or 5 more years to have 85 scholarship players...that says all you need to know!!!!  I thought his strength was recruiting?????

KU football is dead to me.


Re: Spring "showcase"

I was at work. 810 was broadcasting it. I wanted draft coverage instead of the practice coverage. Changed channels. Sounded about as exciting as radio coverage of a golf tournament.


Re: Spring "showcase"

Not KU related but a "spring showcase" I enjoyed.

Steal of the draft ? (via @_kidwilliams)

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